About RunCruncher

In 2012 I decided I wanted to start running and with the help of the Get Running app, I was ready for my first ever 5K. The Couch to 5K program was great to get me to a place to start running 5K's consistently. After running a few 5K's, I found myself creating spreadsheets to calculate my pace and speed over different distances.

In 2013 I pushed myself a little more and trained for my first half marathon. Again, I found myself creating more spreadsheets to plan my training schedule.

Since I was running several days a week, it was pretty common to talk about it all the time as well. People would often ask what I used to plan my schedules. I would mention Hal's books but that I created a spreadsheet that would allow me to enter the race date and it would build the next 12 weeks of my life. Then my wife started asking me for schedules. I knew once I started making them for friends, I had to create an app so other people could do the same.

My name is Otto Radke and I'm a runner living in Eugene, Oregon. I'm currently focused on improving my half marathon time. And if my lovely wife will allow it, on my 50th, I'll attempt my first 50K (I'll be adding that training plan in a future release).

Hopefully RunCruncher can help you improve your pace and plan for your next race! If you find yourself in Tracktown USA, checkout the Eclectic Edge Racing website for local races. I'll be the guy at the end of the pack but loving it.

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